Panna cotta with persimmon

The panna cotta – Persimmon panna cotta
This panna cotta is fun to make and will surprise your guests. Creamy panna cotta with fruity orange color persimmon jell and a hint of rum – this combination of flavor will make your day!
400 ml whipping cream
50 g / 2 oz confectioner’ s sugar
Few drops of rum essence
15 g or 1,5 packet agar
1 big persimmon
Dark chocolate strips
1.In a small pan heat 350 ml whipping cream. Sift in sugar, add rum essence and stir gently.
2.In a separate bowl mix agar with 50 ml warm whipping cream. Add it to the pan and heat all the creamy mixture for 2 min, stirring. Leave to cool a little.
3.Prepare 4 serving glasses (about 100 ml each) – place them safely under the angle. Fill the glasses till the edge and leave the panna cotta to set in the fridge – about an hour.
4.Cut 1 persimmon and peel off the skin. Blend it with a splash of water if needed until puree. Dissolve 5 g Agar in 25 ml warm water, add it to persimmon puree. Stir well.
5. Fill the remaining space in the glasses with persimmon puree. Leave to set in the fridge for about 1,5 hours until set. Decorate with chocolate strips.

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